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What is the secret to an effective cleaning team?

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

The secret is, there is no secret at all. In fact, the answer is perfectly obvious: effective communication. But whilst the answer might be a given to many, it’s actually surprisingly common that communication isn’t, well, all that effective at all.

This communication extends far beyond simply site cleaners and site managers. Naturally, effective communication internally, is paramount to running a successful company, but in the contract cleaning game, it encompasses much more than that.

Firstly, and most importantly, there needs to be ongoing communication. By establishing open channels of communications from the very beginning, the waters of the river of partnership run smoothly. Problems are overcome with a minimal of fuss, potential dangers are avoided before their realisation and “working partnership” comes with consummate ease.

It’s a very easy thing to say that site managers are the brains, and the site cleaners are their ears and eyes; we feel this might be simplifying things a little too much. All of the cleaners at reputable commercial companies are likely to have been trained to the highest national standards – they’re trained to see things that others may miss.

Because over and above what we call fields of expertise (i.e. a given employee specialising in one area of cleaning and maintenance), commercial cleaning companies should ensure that each and every employee is first and foremost a great communicator. This is one major aspect of professionalism.

In actual fact, the only real difference between site managers and site cleaners is the level of legal responsibility, the site manager being the designated “buck-stops-here” employee for a particular site, and the one to whom site cleaners report. But in terms of capabilities, there’s not a lot in it, to be truthful.

The aim of industry leading commercial cleaners (apart from providing peerless services and exceeding clients’ expectations), is giving clients’ peace of mind. When a client no longer has to think about their cleaning services; their contractor is doing an excellent job.


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Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Trust – it’s grown into one of those words that have become tossed around with far too much flippancy. Every product, every brand seems to be screaming to potential customers how only they can be trusted for playing this or that specific role in your life.

Trust doesn’t come simply by telling people, “You can trust me”; married couples can say this. People that have known each other for a long time can say, “Trust me”, and have it really mean something. But meeting someone for the first time, or perhaps before a depth of any level has been established, telling people you can trust them is often greeted with cynicism.

Is it possible that trust has become an untrustworthy word?


Trust genuinely means something

Trust still means something to Broadlex – its genuine meaning is something we live by, and we understand that this is something that cannot be told in the first meeting. Trust is a living thing – the seeds of trust are planted when we first meet, and it’s up to the respective parties as to whether this trust grows and prospers, or whether it withers and dies.

Our trust comes from the confidence that we can not only do the job well, but that we can do the job better than anyone. Our client retention rates are testament to this.

And trust is whole different ballgame when you’re referring to airport security. Since world events at the start of this century, security has become paramount in so many aspects of our lives, especially where travel is concerned; and the most heavily scrutinised industry is air travel.


Trust is the only word you can use with airports

Cleaners are no longer simply men and women with un-tucked shirts, sporting brooms and dirty caps ensuring something looks clean; it’s become a science. There are qualifications mandatory to performing many tasks within industries, proper handling of chemicals and situations, and incredibly strict security checks necessary before anyone has any hope whatsoever of being classified a “Cleaner”.

It’s very interesting to note, then, that Broadlex not only currently holds the contract for major and regional airports around the country, but our work has been so highly regarded that contracts have been re-signed on more than one occasion to continue doing what we’re doing.

This includes standard areas, such as baggage check-in, terminals and club lounge areas, as well as incredibly sensitive areas, such as security screening areas, jet bases and customs areas.

We’ve been servicing the airline industry for more than 20 years. In this time, we’ve built up immense trust – our employer knows exactly what they’re getting with us, and they also know that as the industry evolves and refines, we’re on the leading edge of this. Our employees are encouraged to refresh and re-train at regular intervals, ensuring the highest standards and latest methods are implemented in meeting our daily duties, and meaning their workplace – and public areas – are kept clean, hygienic and appealing to the thousands of people that use these areas every day.

We trust you’ll be genuinely satisfied with our service. We invite you to contact us with any questions.