Transition of Services


Change is often a most necessary thing. It heralds the new and paves the way for advancement. It is often welcomed, but the transition can be enough to scare people into delaying change for as long as possible.



On the road to getting things right, transition phases usually bring with them teething problems. When you’re talking sizeable contracts worth hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars, these issues can become very costly.


Commercial cleaning contracts – transition of services.

Broadlex is able to complete the transition process from day one, by providing seamless services without impacting the core business of our client’s site. We believe strongly that the success of any operation and that laying the foundations to a new relationship is largely dependent upon effective communication – something that we take great pride in.


The logistics.

Organised management and excellent communication means we can work to our clients’ logistical requirements. In our 43+ years in business, we’ve become highly experienced and capable in taking over incumbent contracts. We cover all aspects of the contract to ensure every thing necessary is considered for the smoothest possible transition.

We organise for the timely delivery of all equipment and chemicals, planned around the required start date, so we’re ready to hit the ground running from the very start.

Broadlex will provide an Implementation Plan for the transition of services. The proposed program and timetable will include, but is not limited to, the following crucial aspects:

  • Appointment of staff
  • Induction and training of staff including Broadlex Emergency Hotline service
  • Provision of equipment, chemicals and stores readily available when the contract commences
  • Involvement of all cleaners in company and site specific induction and training programs
  • Communications/meetings
  • Ongoing communications between onsite Cleaning Supervisor, Broadlex management and client personnel.


We’ve found the way in which we conduct our business and how we a professional transition of services, not only allows for peace of mind for our clients – but also mitigates risks where possible.

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