You won’t notice a thing

When you don’t notice where we’ve been, we know we’re doing our job properly, and so will you. This is something we strive for in every partnership at Broadlex – a silent partner of sorts, so to speak.


Because “clean” doesn’t attract attention; clean is silent. Clean must be viewed one step removed. When something is clean you can take in the entire picture all at once, and it pleases: foveal (or central) and peripheral come together in a symphony of visual bliss. The mind loves clean, it loves order and it loves being able to look at the bigger picture without distraction.

Introduce an element of “unclean” into the picture, and you introduce noisy distraction, which instantly takes the focus of the greater whole – it allows the mind to settle on something it wishes was not there: the unclean. Then it remembers its dislike of things that, “aren’t as they should be”. Problems then arise.


Why risk it?

The consequences of unclean or untidy can be as varied as they are unwanted. From the most harmless end of the scale, it simply doesn’t look nice to have things not as clean or tidy as they could be, and let’s be honest you’re not looking at employing a commercial cleaning company for things to look untidy.

On the opposite end of the scale, lives can be lost. Sound over the top? Not to a professional commercial cleaning company whose middle name is OH&S, like Broadlex. “Untidy” or “unclean” in industrial workplaces could mean exposure to hazardous chemicals, increased risks of slipping onto hard surfaces – it could mean the difference between someone being exposed to any number of hazards. Or not.


We’re at your professional service

Upon contacting Broadlex, we’ll promptly organise a personal, on-site meeting to go through your exact requirements. Room by room, task by task and we’ll help formulate the best way forward. Being experts in commercial cleaning, we’re confident we can devise a plan that best suits your needs, whatever they may be. We’re also confident in our ability to meet our duties every time.

We have the expertise, and more importantly the qualification, the deal with any situation related to our business. We work to the highest standard to ensure that

Nothing is out of place, nothing is left to chance and nothing is as it shouldn’t be.

Which brings us back to our original point: when you don’t notice where we’ve been, we know we’re doing our job properly, and that’s just the way like it.

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