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Let’s talk

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

No seriously, let’s talk. Communication is of paramount importance in the commercial cleaning industry. You can have industry-best practices carried out by highly qualified staff and competence coming out of your proverbial ears, but if you don’t have great communication, in our minds, you’ve got nothing. The best workers on the planet become ineffective without communicating with each other.

This communication happens on all levels. We place particular importance on our communication with our partners. Real problems rarely arise for us, and we put this down simply to open communication with our partners. Issues are raised all the time – experience may tell us that a particular way of working isn’t working, perhaps new situations present themselves within old scenarios – the details are just that; details. We like to confront issues straight away and head on, before they become problems. As far as we’re concerned it’s the only way to work. With open and honest communication, processes become smoother than a freshly-ironed handkerchief; life is made infinitely easier, and the sense of a real partnership develops. We value this above everything else.

We also encourage communication between our own employees – active communication leads to better planning, sounder strategies and a more definite way forward. Greater efficiency is much easier to achieve when all tentacles of a single entity are engaging with each other; this thinking is not new, it’s not even revolutionary. It’s the basic model countless businesses around the world attribute their success to. Why shouldn’t we? With communication as our solid base, the rest of our business is just screaming to be built.

What we complement our communication with is our industry-best practices, our highly qualified staff and our peerless competency. This is a recipe for success in anyone’s language, in any business.


Think about this

Do you not think you’re worth the very best your money can buy? We certainly do.

And we also know that if a business is not offering the best of something, there are countless other ones that will. It could be best price, it might be best service, or best results – it might even be best image. Who knows?! What we’re concerned about is offering you the best of everything we possibly can, resulting in, ultimately “Best possible partner” territory.

Our aim is to answer your every cleaning need, to respond positively to every question, to overcome anything on the road to becoming the best possible commercial cleaning company possible – and that is best achieved through communication.

We offer you comprehensive cleaning solutions that you don’t have to question.

The Broadlex Difference

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

There are countless commercial cleaning services out there, and every single one of them will look you in the eye and tell you why they’re better than their competitors, why you’ll be happier you chose X over Y and, and how much better your bottom dollar’s going to be as a result. And, to be honest, much of what they’re saying might very well be true.

We can’t speak for other companies, and we’re certainly not going to be drawn into the arrogance of rival abuse. All we can do is present to you who we are – something we’ve come to call the Broadlex difference.

It all starts with the company – the philosophy we have here at Broadlex; based upon, but not restricted to, service. Though it goes beyond simple service. It’s performing our tasks with a smile, with care and attention to detail.

This care comes largely from the people we employ. We know exactly the person we’re looking for at Broadlex – you can’t miss this trait: the one of exceeding expectations. It might be a question asked, or perhaps even a suggestion – anything that lets us know this person proudly shares our own personality as a company and brand.

Our people are trained to the highest industry standards – qualified to ensure your cleaning requirements are met with no mind paid to shortcuts, “forgetting” or anything less than professional cleaning service.

It may sound like a strange statement to make, but everyone has a brain. It’s surprising how many people “forget” this. Broadlex loves brains. More specifically, we love our people using their brains; we encourage our people to think how things can be done better, we want our people to engage in frequent two-way conversation with management on our client’s sides, discussing things before they become issues. This helps build trust and breaks down the walls of an “Us Vs Them” attitude. We’re not interested in sides of the fence, we see every contract we honour as an opportunity to work alongside our partners in delivering service they simply couldn’t get anywhere else.

In our experience, some workplaces change everyday, and as a result, this open conversation is instrumental in enabling us to perform our jobs to the standard our clients require. It helps us mould our service around their needs much better.

And, of course, not forgetting to smile is a big one for us, too. A simple friendly comment or gesture can make an enormous difference.

This our difference.

And how do we know these genuinely are differences? Contract renewal after contract renewal tell us so.