We deliver the highest standard of service to sites across an extensive range of industries.


We offer our services across a broad range of industries

Our team ensures that the services provided at our clients’ sites comply with the requirements of Work Health and Safety, Environmental Management, Quality Assurance, and Risk Management. Broadlex caters to environmentally-conscious clients by using energy-efficient equipment and machinery, and implementing waste reduction and recycling services.


Broadlex has extensive knowledge and experience to service major and regional airports across the country. Our services are tailored to airport operations and are available to clients around the clock. Broadlex Air Services also serviced cabin cleaning to both international and domestic airlines throughout Australia.

As a company, we have the infrastructure to maintain excellent standards of cleanliness in these areas. Broadlex offers a comprehensive cleaning service which covers airline jet bases, domestic and international terminals, airline club lounges, customs and security screening areas, check-in counters, baggage handling areas, function rooms, administration areas, medical centres and car parks.

Broadlex Air Services also provided cabin cleaning services to both international and domestic airlines throughout Australia.

Commercial properties

Broadlex maintains the cleanliness and presentation of many corporate office precincts and commercial properties across Australia, in both government and private sectors.

Our services comply with the Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF), and we are environmentally conscious implementing energy-efficient equipment and processes.
Broadlex also has a proven and effective waste management program that helps reduce our clients carbon footprint.

Broadlex also has a proven and effective waste management program that helps reduce our carbon footprint.


Broadlex is one of the preferred cleaning service providers to many educational sites, including universities, TAFE colleges, government and private educational facilities.

Under the current health climate, Broadlex have several pandemic (COVID-19) cleaning measures that are government accredited and have been successfully implemented in a number of educational facilities.

As well as general cleaning, we also provide property services, grounds maintenance, and infection control solutions.

Events & Public Domains

Broadlex provides cleaning, property maintenance and ancillary services for a range of clients in the leisure, entertainment and sporting sectors.

Our team seamlessly works around patrons so that they enjoy a consistently clean environment.

We offer a complete solution for our clients, integrating:

  • Pre-event, during, and post event cleaning (ie: NYE and VIVID)
  • Bio hazard pandemic cleaning for hospitality venues (ie: pubs and clubs)

Energy & Nuclear Research

Broadlex is the preferred supplier for high security nuclear and medical research facilities.

Our team is screened and trained to work within strict high-security and safety focused premises. Proven practices over the past ten years have instilled trust and confidence in Broadlex within the energy and nuclear sector.

Food-processing plants

Broadlex experience and capability extends to food manufacturing and processing infrastructure, that complies with rigid health and hygiene standards.

Our cleaning teams use personal protective equipment and industry compliant machinery, and participate in training programs such as Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). This allows us to deliver safe, sterile, and productive working environments for clients.

As part of an integrated solution, Broadlex offers the following services:

  • General cleaning and maintenance
  • Sanitation services
  • Risk assessment
  • Emergency cleaning services
  • Ancillary services


Broadlex has been a major service provider for both federal and state governments since 1969. Our extensive participation in the government sector is a reflection of our continuous compliance with industry protocols, and ability to meet strict security guidelines. We are renowned for integrity, compliance and quality.

Our government service delivery integrates cleaning with property maintenance. Our long term membership in industry affiliations such as FMA, Property Council, BSCAA, GBCA, etc, provides us with the latest industry developments, which we can implement in all government contracts.

Health & Aged Care

Broadlex experience and knowledge of health and aged care facilities alleviates any concerns about standards of hygiene. We currently service sensitive areas to hospital-grade cleanliness standards, and are an approved biohazard cleaning services supplier.

As the health sector is bound by stringent laws and regulations, Broadlex ensures that our cleaning services provided comply with safety, risk, and environmental management policies. Our procedures are in line with government health cleaning standards and requirements.


Broadlex is a qualified provider of cleaning services for hotels, entertainment centres, theatres, and museums, to name a few.

Our services enhance the customer experience, as well as the image of our clients’ hotels and public venues in the eyes of patrons.

All cleaners are also trained in customer service.

Broadlex are able to provide the following services for hospitality clients:

  • Housekeeping
  • Concierge
  • Function cleaning & set up
  • Common Area Cleaning
  • Daily & check out cleans
  • Kitchen deep cleans
  • Washroom and consumables
  • Upholstery and blind cleaning

Industrial & Warehouses

Broadlex has the flexibility to work with the unique specifications, production schedules, and safety requirements of any industrial site. As such, clients in the industrial sector have complete confidence that our team is tending to their site in an appropriate way.

By integrating cleaning, property and grounds maintenance, and ancillary services, Broadlex provides industrial clients with a complete solution to environmental concerns. Broadlex implements sustainability initiatives such as the use of green cleaning processes.


Broadlex maintains the hygiene and cleanliness of highly frequented sites in the retail sector. Public safety and customer service is paramount in our operational procedures for shopping centres and other retail outlets.

In addition to cleaning, property maintenance, and ancillary services, our retail service specialties include:

  • Tracking Systems
  • Independent Slip Tests
  • Compliance with security procedures
  • Evacuation Preparedness Training
  • Covid-19 precautionary cleans


The Broadlex service standard enhances the appearance and sterility in the transport sectors. Our strict adherence to the WHS Act assures clients that we are qualified to work in public sites where traffic, safety, and hygiene are prime concerns.

In addition, our emergency services mitigate any potential interruptions to the timetables of our clients’ businesses.

Broadlex are the current cleaning services provider to the north-west Sydney railway network in NSW. Broadlex are also a pioneer in aircraft cleaning, and service the first ever driverless trains in Australia. Experience also extends to buses and light rail cleaning.

Our service offer for clients in the transportation industry includes:

  • General cleaning and maintenance
  • High pressure washing
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Forensic cleaning
  • Bird prevention
  • Safety auditing
  • Advertising signage maintenance


We would like to hear from you. Please contact us or call us on
1800 954 002 to discuss your cleaning needs and how we can deliver value to your business.


We would like to hear from you. Please contact us or call us on
1800 954 002 to discuss your cleaning needs and how we can deliver value to your business.