Broadlex Record TIME

Broadlex works in consultation with you and if required, will provide you with a powerful software platform for smart business streamlining your workforce and operations, together in a single platform.

Pre-scheduled task completion & real-time reporting

Remotely assign tasks to employees on the field and track task progression throughout the day. Send/receive alerts in real-time and push high priority tasks to employees according to location.


QR codes are simply placed on each room or area as needed or scheduled for cleaning. If you have areas of high importance, these can be identified and labelled to provide peace of mind and assurance that all key locations are cleaned.


Team members simply scan the specialised QR code during their shift. This information is captured and can be utilised and interpreted in powerful ways to understand and providing managers with real-time progress, date and time stamps, location of each clean and which employee performed the task. Understand entry and exit times, time spent per cleaning, critical cleaning task completion, travel time per team member, all with the touch of a button. in consultation


As we all know knowledge is power, and at Broadlex we believe our SmartCleaner data collection is critical to make smart decisions with labour and easily create and share reports internally or with facility leadership. Easy reporting making it simple and easy to uphold quality standards and ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied with cleaning quality. Boost efficiency levels and remotely manage staff with Broadlex Smart Cleaner.
Set prescheduled maintenance workflows to avoid breakdown of equipment with built-in photo capture. Have staff submit problems with equipment to the relevant maintenance department to resolve before customer complaints.

Inventory tracking

Track the use of materials and equipment to reduce wastage, theft and misuse. Alert supervisors when stock is low and submit order quantities for greater inventory control.

Asset tracking, location & motion detection

Track the location and use of assets within a facility using existing technology. Reduce the theft and misplacement of assets. Receive alerts when an asset enters/leaves a building

Determine, where, when and how your assets were last used within your facility with the Broadlex SmartCleaner.

Broadlex SmartCleaner uses your existing staff’s smart devices such as a smartphone or tablet to find and determine the last known location of an asset. Beacons as small as a matchbox are fixed to a piece of equipment and your asset register is updated in real-time as nurses and team members move around your facility.

eLearning modules for staff training

Reduce training costs & engage staff via online eLearning modules & assessment. A complete solution from staff orientation to training and learning of new processes.

Boost facility quality standards and obtain real labor cost savings with Broadlex SmartCleaner.

The complete software solution to maintain the highest cleaning standards and remotely manage daily employee schedules in real-time.

Broadlex SmartCleaner is a powerful software platform that allows management, supervisors and staff to efficiently manage their operations. Supervisors delegate set tasks to staff that need to be completed for the day and can shift tasks from cleaner to cleaner with a simple click and drag.

High priority tasks (such as spills) can be instantly delegated to nearby staff based on their location. Staff log maintenance issues on our user-friendly interface for the relevant maintenance department to resolve.

Broadlex SmartCleaner empowers management to measure staff performance and efficiencies with advanced reporting and make key decisions to improve their operations. Supervisors can focus less on administration and more on efficiently managing their team and daily workflow.

Training of tasks is made simple with the built-in eLearning component along with policy and procedural manuals to ensure the facility is compliant.

We offer our services across a broad range of industries

  • Airports

  • Commercial

  • Education
  • Events & Stadiums
  • Financial Institutions

  • Food-processing plants

  • Government

  • Health & Aged Care

  • Hospitality
  • Industrial & Warehouses
  • Retail
  • Transport


We would like to hear from you. Please contact us or call us on
1800 954 002 to discuss your cleaning needs and how we can deliver value to your business.


We would like to hear from you. Please contact us or call us on
1800 954 002 to discuss your cleaning needs and how we can deliver value to your business.